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I’ve been promising a release date  For our Baby shoes Anthology for about a month now. Finally the time has arrived.  Here is our press release:

The Baby Shoes flash fiction anthology aims to leverage the power of crowdsourcing to bring the form to greater public attention. Named for the infamous six-word short story attributed to Ernest Hemingway, the anthology will feature 100 stories by 100 authors from around the world.

“In the past, this kind of collection wouldn’t be profitably feasible,” says Jason Brick, editor of Baby Shoes. “Splitting the income between 100 people and publisher would net everybody a couple of cents per year. With a crowdfunded project, each author brings his or her own following to the table. We turn the large number of authors from a challenge to a benefit.”

David Covenant is a local writer who is taking part in the projects. He has been a Washington resident for 25 years. Other works include Atolovus, an epic fantasy novel in the editing process with Booktrope, a Seattle, Wa. publishing company, and an article published in the September 2013 edition of The Good Life, a local Wenatchee magazine.

The Kickstarter campaign for Baby Shoes began on January 10th and ends on February 10th. Interested people can pre-order a copy of the book at the campaign website

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