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A Tribute

I began playing Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, AD&D, when I was ten. It drew my best friend and I into the realms of fantasy and can be considered the cornerstone of my choice of career. Today, my entire family plays—my wife and I play far less often than our son, and we all favor different editions. I find it useful that way for the sake of implementing a more believable game when faced with players from different worlds.

Traveller is the best example of why this works. Traveller is a space-aged version of AD&D. In this game, players/characters fly spacecraft, visit worlds throughout the galaxy, and universe if you have the imagination for it. Every world is different, not a little different but often hugely different. Each world is the result of a different strain of the multiversal genetic sequence, M.G.S. Evolution of all life can be similar to ours or inconceivably different. By Traveller standards, Solanar, the world and setting for Atolovus and the rest of my series isn’t even listed. IE magic isn’t considered a technology, and I find that strange; the closest listing in Traveller is tech level 0 -2.

Languages, cultures, species, even spells can be completely different or very similar from world to world. Master-Wizer Tau, the protagonist for my series has not only jumped worlds, but lost his memory in the process. His fight to adapt to his new environment while trying to recall what he once knew from his old one is a major struggle.

Gary Gygax, was the one that began it all with the original Dungeons and Dragons core rule books and the tool that would evolve the universe of gaming as we have come to know it today with the gamers best friend and worst enemy—dice. Not the usual six-sided dice, but the other polyhedral dice.

Every random roll scale for every game whether book, box, video, or pc runs their random-roll algorithms on the system introduced by Gary and later developed into the Platonic solid,s gamer’s dice of today. I want to shout a huge thank you to Gary for his contribution to myself as a writer and to so many others who’ve benefited by his ideas.

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