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The Chair

We’ve had company up from California for the better part of a week now. It’s interesting to see the changes since our last visit; the subtle changes, and not so subtle changes. I have to remind myself that goes both ways. After all, we are no different. Granted, it doesn’t seem like we are all that different, but that is grown from the same illusion we all experience physically as children to adulthood.

To us day by day nothing happens. We stare in the mirror, and we see the same face, the same expressions, the same physical features. Yet family and friends even a few months apart see significant alterations in us, and we; their muse, look on with mild confusion, seeing the same in them until maturity springs out upon us.

It takes a virtual eon after that before we gain independence, time slowed to the point of suspended animation. Adults talk like a few days isn’t even a blink, but their aging children see a very different hourglass filled with grains of fear, pain, confusion, self-doubt, anger, frustration, and a lack of balance. For many, those grains fall like dust in space, speed looking very differently when there is no background to measure it by.

I give this truth a great deal of thought when I look at the past, present, and possible futures of each of my characters. Not just the main ones, but even passing ones, because sometimes, it’s the chair that influences the scene the most.

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