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The Real Thing


I was hanging out at Dale Reierson’s Season of the Dying Facebook event:
THE SEASONS OF DYING brought to you by THE HORROR HOOLIGANS. Come read for the first time ever their unique spin on the Season of Dying. This is going to be the most Original Event you have ever been to…
Burning body piles-Davide Mana
Disease-Mikey Campling
Starving -Alex Kimmell
Cannibalism -Sheri Williams
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse -Dani Smith
Pestilence -Thomas S Flowers III
Famine -Dale Reierson (S.E. Rise)
War -Jim Greenfield
Death -Dane John Cobain
Locust -S.E.Rise
Dying of Thirst-JG Clay
The Rot -David Paris Singer-Carter
The Flies-S.E.Rise
The Scavengers -Duncan Ralston
The Madness -Alex S. Johnson
The Dead -Cassandre Dayne
The Hunger -Maddie Holliday Von Stark
The Apocalypse-Alex Nader
The End is Near -P.Mattern

It’s been interesting, and not long ago, Mikey Campling posed a question I just couldn’t resist answering:
“Giveaway time. I’ll send you an ARC of A Dark Assortment. Random winner picked from the comments below. In the spirit of my dark little stories, tell me what dark little fears haunt you when you’re alone in the dark…”

After writing it up and pushing post, I got to thinking this is similar in many respects to some of my previous posts, so I thought I’d include it here. This is just such an example of ways I use to create new species.

Shades-I used to be haunted by them. It started when I was really young, like four or something. I grew to recognize their approaching presence with this sudden paralyzing panic that began in my subconscious while sleeping and then forced me to claw my way to a wakened state. It’s not long after, thirty seconds or so, it or they would appear. I could only see them because they were darker than the dark of my windowless room, basically it’s like taking a picture of yourself and then filling it with a black hole and holding up to a moonless night with no stars. You can feel the malice off them long before they appear. On one occasion back in the summer of 93′, I was surrounded by five of them, two to each side, one at the foot. I’d been working really hard at breaking the paralysis they held me down with over the past six years or so, and I had bouts of success during these weird battles of will. During this particular visitation, I managed to do exactly that, and as I sat up to take a swing at one, just to see if this was a physical force or something less so, they all stepped back as the dark swallowed them. Why not anymore? Well my friends, that is a different story 😉

Here is Dale’s event if you’d like to drop in; hot intestines on the house for all! Tell him I sent you.

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