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Wine Tour

My wife and I recently got back from Osoyoos, Canada. We took a couple days from our cabin to spoil ourselves a bit and go do the wine tasting thing. Yea, always a lot of fun. This was also our first time in Canada. WE stayed a t a holiday inn on the shores of Osoyoos lake, and wow! Talk about difference of service. They have dog friendly rooms on the first floor and ours was a mini apartment equipped with two bedrooms,, living/ dining room, stocked kitchen and a decent sized bathroom.. We had a sliding glass door that led us out to a wide stone patio. Very convenient as the shores of the lake were right across the street, so no problem getting Dante to the restgrass upon waking up.

We took Dante with us on the tour, electing to drive ourselves rather than leave him in the room all day. It turned out that many wineries allow dogs in the tasting rooms! Yea believe it. Pretty cool.

The wines were great, and we bought about six of them, a bit spendy, but worth it; average costs were twenty four to thirty six dollars a bottle. We tried mostly red wines as they are Melissa’s favorites, but we experimented a bit too.

The best catch of the day was the knowledge I got from them about wine making, grape growing strategies, rules of the market, and tricks of the trade for garage winemakers like myself. This is my sixth year of wine from our Riesling grapes.

This year's ReislingLast year’s batch was just bottled. I know I could use a clarifyer, but I really like the color  this wine has.

I use a Roma wine press which works wonderfully for my needs and has a ratchet handle for insuring the maxim pressing power.

Wine pressWine press 2

After the second crushing, I needed up with twenty-one and three quarter gallons. Not a bad haul really. I just have the one vine and it languishes on my fence in the upper yard.

Ave bunch of grapes 2015

Well guess I should quit rambling on and go do some real work. Thanks for reading!

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