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My view of The View


My View of The View

Last night my wife mentions something about some television show, called The View, talking trash about nurses. I raised my eyebrow at her and replied, “Really! What seems to be their problem?”

My wife says “It’s on YouTube, I’ll look it up for you. They pissed off a bunch of nurses. They and other medical professionals all over town are griping about it on Facebook.” I continue reading my new copy of Babyshoes flash fiction anthology which I purchased off Amazon recently.

At first, she can’t find it. “Where is it? It’s supposed to be here.” I look over at her. Maybe they pulled it off before they cause more damage than they already have.”

“No, I don’t think so,” she answers, “some of our friends are saying they just watched it…Oh here it is.” She starts playing it, and I lean over toward her to check it out. At first, I’m not very interested. I couldn’t care less about beauty pageants. It’s the same grind every year with new faces. But wait…”oh,” I lean over more, my attention snatched up by a competitor wearing scrubs and a stethoscope. Wow!! Now that is different, I think. We listen to her speech and nod emphatically. She’s got my vote.

Ohh back to The View, “What the fuck?? I can’t believe the crap I hear falling out their mouths as if any of those women know a damn thing about what they are talking about as evidenced by their stethoscope comment among other things! Ok, now I’m pissed, and I start going off. My wife asks, “Are you going to post that?”

“Yea!” I fume,” Damn straight I am!”

So here is my view of the lack of view The View’s muppets possess.

Three generations of women on my wife’s side of the family have been nurses. Most of our friends are connected to one facility or another in one department or another in one medical branch or another.

My wife began as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) and worked her ass off to get her nursing certification—that is a two year degree after fulfilling prerequisites to enter the program in the first place, which took her about a year and a half. Those chosen for the two year program are on the high end of the grade scale. If at any time you fail a class or for whatever reason cannot finish a course, you must wait until the following year to retake the class. She wasn’t one of those.

I’ll add that up for you four pompous melon-heads just in case the math is confusing: ( 1.5 +2=3.5) That is half a year shy of her bachelors degree to complete the RN (Registered Nurse) program.

Soon after, she went back to school while working full time as an RN to get her BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) which she completed in the two years expected: (2+3.5=5.5) That is five and a half years of intensive education in science and medical knowledge. That puts her just shy of a Master’s degree in most other fields, and then she worked for eleven years as a nurse and educator in our local hospital.

Then she went back and got her master’s degree as an NP (Nurse Practitioner). That was another two years: (5.5 plus 2=7.5). That is half-a-year-shy of a doctorate in any other field. Maybe you four blithering idiots would like to discuss the level of education you need to sit in front of a camera and talk smack about people and facts you know nothing about.

I wonder, have you four uneducated loudmouths gotten called in at 2:30 in the morning because your staffing didn’t look ahead and now they have an influx of people the usual staff can’t handle? For the next four to six hours, after your previous 12 hour shift which ended at 7 pm the night before, you clean up urine, feces, and puke while putting up with verbal and sometimes physical abuse while you try to make your patients comfortable and relieve them of their suffering, their fears, and their illnesses.

Many of your patients are ungrateful human beings that think you are there to serve them as their maid, but many more are not. Many others have no idea that you are taking care of six or seven different patients with a vast variety of different problems. But that is just one facet of your job.

You also have to keep their medical charts up to date, which is more time consuming than the patients, and wake up doctors during early morning hours to discuss problems with their patient’s care or to call them in to look over the patient themselves. That is often not a pleasant discussion for nursing staff who are sometimes met with verbal abuse by angry doctors. And, another thing I feel you four should be educated on. Not all nurses are women. The nursing field is quickly balancing out the gap between female and male nurses.

I have brothers and sisters in every branch of health care that work long hours; many of whom are single parents. They are often on call and juggle multiple children. They come to work knowing they will be caring for people just like yourselves, who look down on them as below your station.

To be a nurse means you have to actually care about humanity. If you don’t, you won’t be one long. In order to provide your patients with the care they need, you’ll have to leap into mires of disease, mental illness, drug addiction, criminality, and all manner of human suffering in order to pull them out of their nightmare, and return to them some manner of happiness, dignity, and health. Many of those people will return again and again, and you will take care of them again and again.

Oh, a stethoscope is as important to nurses as that little microphone you hide in your fashionable clothing is to your show…. Ahhhh….. Got You!!!

No, it not as important as your mic, it’s ten thousand times more important because they have to actually listen and evaluate a variety of physical conditions based on rhythms, math, and sounds. In your job, you just need to read a possible script and push hot air across your larynx to provide unfounded opinions to the public.

Nurses save lives—they pull people back from the brink of despair, the brink of death, the brink of insanity. Nurses are veritable angels seeking to help us lift ourselves out of the dark places we find ourselves in most often by our own decisions and own hands. Unfortunately, even nurses sometimes can’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again. But at least they try. I wonder if any of you four blowhards can? No?

Can you detect a heart arrhythmia? No? Do you even know what one is? No? Can you suture a four-inch gash in someone’s arm while they slowly bleed to death? No?

Imagine you were put in a room alone with a war vet whose family has long since disappeared because of a mental state he received while protecting our country. He knows he will be dying in the next few days—of that there is no doubt. His lungs are filling, and he’ll drown in his own bodily fluids. There isn’t anything you can do but watch as his life fades to black. Your job is to heal but now you are as helpless as he. How would you calm him? How would you make him comfortable? What would you tell him?

That nurse you looked down your nose at could and does on a daily basis. She has more heart, more soul, and more courage than any of you on the stupid show.

So out of curiously, while you still have your nose in the air, exactly what is it that Your View offers humanity other than scalding words of disgust, judgement, and mirth at other peoples’ expense? When has your show done any really benevolent service for this country or humanity as a whole or in part for anyone other than your Id?

Now, here is my view, I think if The Views’ directors have any balls at all, they’ll fire all four of you immediately. In place of you twits, I challenge them to provide a different view. Here’s what you need.

Go out and find one homeless man from the US, Asia, The Middle East, Central or South America, and Africa. Bring them all here, give them fine clothing and food. Put them up in penthouses in whatever city The View is produced, and provide them with the same kind of subject matter you’ve been giving to those four idiots, and let’s hear something that provides meaning and reflection to our daily lives.

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