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Catching Up

It’s fall again, and every year I find myself asking what happened to summer a little bit earlier. It was just here a few minutes ago it seems. This time of the year, I find all the half-done projects that I have been putting off or plain forgot about for whatever reason. I compile a list of each one as I find them in the hopes that I won’t forget. One of these years, I’ll simply compile the list as soon as they come up.

I’m currently sanding down the frame to one of the bedroom doors. At the same time, I’m installing shelves for the windowsills in the living room and cutting the trim to go around the outside of the windows, the doorframes, then the floor. Those all have to be water sealed and left to dry before I can do anything further with them. I also have some rock work I need to finish along the east side of the yard between the house and our fence.

In addition, I need to go pick up some large basalt rocks at a quarry 10 or 15 miles away and bring them back to the house. Why? Because the creek in our back yard has been digging underneath the retaining wall that I built years ago when the kids were young and wanted to play in it. I packed a whole bunch of yard waste and pruning’s at the base of it, and dumped a bunch of smaller gravel into that to hold it down until I can add the weight. Each of the big rocks is going to have to weigh somewhere between eighty and hundred pounds to keep the runoff from washing them away.

As if that weren’t enough, I also need to fix one of our gates because the post split where the hinges were bolted into it. To do that, I have to cut the post off where it enters the concrete in the ground, then bore out the rest of the post left in the concrete. After that, I have to shave down the bottom of the new post until it will fit back into the hole left behind by the first one. Oh yes, let’s not forget to water seal the rest of our deck, and three quarters of our fence line!

I often wonder if fall is named for the loss of leaves on the trees, or rather as the result of driving oneself to exhaustion trying to prepare for winter.

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