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Winter Storm

12-22-2015 Snowstorm (40 made smaller)

It’s been a bit since last I made a post. Why? I’ve been hit by a winter blizzard of challenges and problems.

The main one consists of my computer slowing down over the past six months to the speed of a drip of molasses running down a kitchen-cabinet door. I did a number of things to try to find the problem, and came up with no real solutions. Finally, I was left with one leap of faith: reformat the hard drive and hope that will remove the problem.

I figured on about two to three days to pull that off. How wrong I was with that prediction! It began smooth and easy enough; hard disk reformatted in a few hours, and the rest of the day I reinstalled Windows. The next day I began updates which took three days. To my chagrin, my computer still ran like a scared clam. Word had one problem after another. Every time I tried to open a document, a window popped up saying that there was a problem. Then it took about a minute or more for the document to appear, and sometimes it didn’t appear at all.

When I could get them to load up, everything was read-only. And even after I figured out how to remove that, once I shut the document down and reopened it the next day, everything I had done was gone. I was so angry I took a day to cool off. I lost the better half of a new chapter in my new book, and several painstakingly written book reviews. It took me another two days, two very long irritating days, before I finally stumbled across the solution: kill the “read only” option by going through properties and then advanced settings.

Now finally done with that, it was now Christmas Eve and Christmas. So of course my computer waited quietly for another three days before I could begin uploading things like Campaign Cartographer 3 and Dragon Naturally Speaking and other programs, all of which requires Word working properly.

But lo, this morning my word programs and other Windows programs were still taking excruciating amounts of time to open. So what did I miss? It took me a while to figure out. Internet Explorer of course! After deleting it, everything began working smoothly. The rest of today will be clean up and a lot of shoveling. Tomorrow I have to begin looking for a new project in book manager. Hopefully this won’t amount to more than a squall and one or two flurries.12-22-2015 Snowstorm (1a altered)