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Ever felt like had you kept your mouth shut, somehow that one thing would change the next thing that happened? The day after I posted my book’s release date, I received an email from Booktrope, and I should clarify, everyone at Booktrope received it.

We’ve been told that our publishing co-op/company will be shutting down completely as of the end of May. It was on the news a couple weeks back as well.

I’m still determined to publish Atolovus, and I continue writing in a number of other stories. I will have purchased the front cover for Atolovus this Friday from my cover artist Greg Simanson. I expect we will continue to work with each other.

My editor and I are in discussions about finishing the edits for Atolovus, and hopefully signing on for the many other books I am working on. The same is true of my project/book manager.

I’ve heard nothing from my proofreader. I’m guessing that is her answer.

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