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Archive for December 18, 2019

I Sent It Today

Good afternoon everyone,

First, I feel like I need to apologize for not being around more than I have been. Life has been very hectic and chaotic lately. We’ve moved completely across the country more than two years ago and have recently bought a new home.  Our son and his fiance moved in from Seattle soon after we moved in.  It has been a long series of things that we have had to adjust to over the past two years.

Recently, I’ve had seven projects I’ve needed to get completed in a fair hurry, and a few are still not finished.  The lack of sunlight hasn’t helped either. But this isn’t the real point of my post.

Today, I sent out my first manuscript to my editor. We finished up haggling over the financial issues a few days back. I feel both nervous and exhilarated. I’m looking forward to having a complete professional edit, and at the same time, I expect there are hard times ahead. I remain positive having said that, and we’ve had more then a year to get to know each other.

First, she must finish up a separate job which she has taken far more time then she anticipated and believes she can do so by early January. She has promised to read through it over the course of the next few weeks and give me her initial thoughts when she has finished.

I’ll try to post more than I have as the months pass.