Author, Fantasy, Science Fiction, AD&D

About David


A new writer to the publishing world, David Covenant has published an article in the September 2013 edition of The Good Life sharing an enlightening journey, a short story titled How Many Leaves in a 2015 anthology titled Baby Shoes Flash Fiction, and is working on his first epic fantasy novel, Atolovus, the first book in the Arch of Quorydun series.

He and his wife have one son. Other additions to his family include an English Shepherd answering to Dante, outside, walk, ride, and cabin along with any scent from the kitchen or BBQ that wafts past his ever-watchful nose. in addition to Dante, he has three cats, Morgana, Scooter, and Felix, all aptly named.

When not writing and time allows, he remodels his home, stows away at his mountain retreat, or explores the world. During breaks in his daily life, he reads and watches Fantasy and Science Fiction. He also enjoys building worlds for AD&D adventures, good philosophical discussion, and martial arts; all pursuits that influence many facets of his writing and worlds.


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