Author, Fantasy, Science Fiction, AD&D

The Arch of Quorydun

Atolovus is the first installment of a sextet.  If this series does well, I have the beginnings of outlines for an additional three books. We have been blessed with a talented Booktrope team who are helping me to publish it.

We began editing in the beginning of December 2014. Since that time, I have lost two project managers and one editor. Each went on their way for different reasons, none of which is related specifically to me or the book.

Recently,  we gained a fantastic editor, Jenna, and  a new and very talented project and book manager, Lauren.  Our new edit complete date is tentatively set for September 2016. Greg, our cover designer just completed the front side of Atolovus’ book cover, and I have to say, it far exceeds what I had imagined it to look like!

Other projects just beginning include  the proper blurb for the back cover and a profile for the inner cover while with the spine and back cover art has yet to be discussed.  We are also revamping the website.


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